Flohmarkt am Mauerpark

Flohmarkt am Mauerpark, or Fleamarket on Mauerpark, is the biggest flea market in Berlin. During a surprisingly warm weekend in mid-October, I decided to head out to the former death strip between East and West Berlin and see how the space was being put to use today.

This flea market was by far the largest I have ever visited. There was everything to buy – from Western seat equestrian saddles, to throne chairs, leather bags, fur coats, bikes, records, jewellery, and porcelain. The whole market was extremely colorful and crowded with people. This struck me as amazing, given that only 20 years ago this place was one of the deadliest in Germany, and the symbol of the Cold War divide. For any potential visitors, my one piece of advice: do NOT wear flip-flops! This is a park in the true sense of the word, so there is no concrete on the ground, just dirt and mud, so bring closed shoes.

Here are photos from my day:

P1010409 P1010408 P1010407 P1010406 P1010405 P1010404 P1010403 P1010402 P1010401 P1010400 P1010399 P1010397 P1010396 P1010395 P1010394 P1010393 P1010391 P1010389 P1010387 P1010386 P1010384 P1010383 P1010382 P1010381 P1010377 P1010375 P1010374 P1010372 P1010369 P1010366


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