The End

The time has come to say goodbye – for now! This was my first experience with blogging, and it has been inspiring to see how many people my words and photos have reached. I will be continuing to blog, and will post the link I will be doing that under here shortly.

For now, I will say that my last week in Berlin was extremely stressful — because I had left a large amount of schoolwork until the last minute. But I have no regrets about my trip, as I don’t think I could have gotten more knowledge, understanding, and adventure out of it than I did. To me, that makes this entire experience a success.

Moreover, I hope that I have inspired my readers (YOU!) to travel yourselves, to engage in your travels, to study history as a means for understanding the world as it is today, and to enjoy life as it comes day by day.

For my final post, here are the photo from my last days in Berlin — including of the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market and the Pergamon Museum!


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